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Metro to Faridabad: A golden dream to come true by 2012

Faridabad: Metro Rail, the most awaited project for the fastest growing NCR is now on a way to be completed till 2012. It has been declared that the Metro will start running from 2012 as the project work would be started from next year. As a matter of fact, after many ups and downs, the project is finally on track and due to the continuous pressure of Haryana Government, it has been declared that the work will start in the 2nd phase. In previous plan the work was to be started during 3rd phase (2010-2015). The formal clearance of the project for the track from Badarpur to Faridabad had already been given by the Central Government and now the Delhi Government is going to give its approval to start the work.

Though the Delhi Government has a share of 50% in the project, yet it is not responsible for any type of payment for the work. According to the Delhi Government officials, the work of Metro line from Central Secretariat to Badarpur will be completed till 2010, the work for the Metro line of 13.78 Km from Badarpur to Faridabad will start from 2009.

The estimated cost for the land acquirement for this project is Rs. 68 crores and all the amount would be paid by the Haryana Government. The total cost of the project is Rs. 1571 crores in which 80% amount will be paid by Haryana Government while 20% would be paid by the Central Government. Besides that, the expenditure of railing stock would be paid by the DMRC.

One of the most important factors of the delay about the project which is related to Dayal Singh College ground will be solved very soon as informed by a government official. Talking to Cityplus, the Chief PRO of DMRC Anuj Dayal says,

"Metro to Faridabad project is getting rhythm now. Most of the formalities have been done and some are in pipeline for completion. The matter of Dayal Singh College would be solved soon and now there is no hurdle in the path of developmental work. The line from Central Secretariat to Badarpur is expected to be completed till 2010."

From Central Secretariat to Badarpur

  • Length of track - 20 Km, (15 Km elevated and 4.9 Km under ground.)
  • Estimated cost Rs 3250 crore.
  • To be completed till 2010
  • Number of stations- 11

Badarpur to Faridabad

  • Length of the track- 13.78 Km (Elevated)
  • Estimated cost- Rs 1571 crores
  • To be completed till 2012
  • Number of stations-11

Akhilesh Pandey (

Metro to Faridabad: Still far away

Metro Rail to Faridabad is still far away as the matter is struggling in search of clearance from various types of formal and informal problems. Though the matter to bring the Metro to Badarpur is not clear till date but it is one thing the people of Faridabad are looking forward to very keenly. The Metro track, which has to be made from Central Secretariat to Badarpur, is facing problem regarding the acquiring of land for that. The formalities have been done to make track between Central Secretariat to Badarpur in 2006 but Dayal Singh College has created big problem and as a result the project is getting delayed. As a matter of fact, some part of the play ground of Dayal Singh College of Delhi University is in the path of the Metro track and the college is not ready give the land. College administration is not ready to give the land to DMRC and is continuously opposing the project. According to the plan the work should have been completed in 2006.

In the Metro project to Faridabad, there are 9 stations between Badarpur to YMCA and the distance is 13.5 kms. All these details have been submitted to HUDA 1 year ago and DMRC has cleared the feasibility of the project to HUDA but due to delay in the work for the Metro from Central Secretariat to Badarpur, the project of Faridabad Metro is getting late.

The PRO of DMRC says, "All the formalities have been done to bring the Metro from Secretariat to Badarpur. The matter for the acquiring of land is a cause of delay and the subject related to the Dayal Singh College will be solved very soon."

About the project :

  • In a way to connect Faridabad to Delhi by Metro, DMRC is planning to connect Central Secretariat to Faridabad. In the first phase of the project the 20 km. of track between Central Secretariat to Badarpur will be constructed. There will be 11 stations and the estimated cost of the project is Rs. 3250 crores. This project will be completed in 2009.In this, 15 kms of the track will be elevated and 4.9 kms will be under ground.
  • In the second phase of the project, Metro track from Badarpur to Faridabad will be constructed. Between these two station there will be 9 stations. The first station of the Faridabad Metro will be in Badarpur Border and after that at NHPL, Mewala Maharajpur, Sector 27A, Badkhal Chowk, Old Faridabad, Azraonda, Sector 12, and YMCA will be the stations. DMRC has said that the project would start till 2010.

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